How to Become an Online Coach – Even if You Are an Internet Dummy


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This video covers how to become an online coach, even if you never thought you could do internet  marketing, or understand the technical aspects of getting and coaching clients using the internet.


  1. Many thanks for sharing this information, Jeff! It is extremely insightful, useful and just hands on information.

    All the best for now!


  2. Stephanie soukup says:

    I’m 75 years old and don’t know anything about computers except for emal. Is there a way to coach without using the internet.

    • Travis Finkle says:

      Yes, you can coach without using the internet. Depending on where you live you, you can coach from your house, or even rent an office somewhere. Alternatively, you can do face-to-face coaching sessions in free, public areas, although I do not recommend this doing so in high-traffic places like a Starbucks. Someplace calming and relaxing, and away from listeners would be ideal.

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