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It covers how to get your coaching business online, even if you are an ‘internet dummy’.

You can also leave comments after the video about what you want included in the new Coach Certification program. The final program will be happening soon, but there’s still time to include what you want in the program. Just leave the comment at the bottom of the blog post.


  1. Leona Dean says

    Hi Jeff, This is sounding like a wonderful place to get the much needed skills for getting my online coaching business off the ground! Thank-you in advance for inviting me.
    Yours Truly

  2. Christy Simmons says

    Wow, I’m certainly interested, however, I’m coming into tech week for a show that I am co-producing and co-starring in. That’s going to take every ounch of grey matter for the next week and a half. When that is behind me, I’ll come back and see what is still available to me.

  3. Sheila A Caruso says

    I hope that i am not an “internet dummy”

    You definately are an internet guru – Jeff

  5. Joceyn Greenidge says


  6. Awesome presentation! So valuable information and for free!!!!! Thank you Jeff . And I really like your animation, very well done. I will definitely watch it again and again. Thank you for helping the dummies moving to another level.

    • Mano,

      Glad you enjoyed the video. The internet has come a long way and there is now a team of people that are committed to help regular people get great results on the internet, so doing business there doesn’t have to be a technical nightmare. Now is the time where there are still lots of openings for business and leadership to step in and take an early advantage in the game (before everything stabilizes). Stay tuned for more!


  7. 1-What is your estimate from start-up to cash-flow positive time line to realize an online effort is wothwhile, and deserves further pursuit and even further dollar commitment if necessary?

    2-Is an online business set-up time sensitive to dollars committed and return realization measurement?

  8. Live in San Diego. Would like to meet someone in person after seminar. Will probably sign up for some kind of training with you. Have MBA, Real Estate License, serious business person with personal growth orientation.

    Thanks, George

  9. You have a wonderful ability to make it simple and doable! Thanks for sharing your expertise, you’re a true guru!

  10. i am a certified ACC from ICF i am a NLP specialist working with married couples. i am doing 1 to 1 coaching, how should i go online for my coaching

  11. Do you have any material on how to handle clients who feel they have no passion in life. They can not identify ANYTHING that moves them, that they are passionate about, that if they could quit their jobs today they would be estatic to put into motion in their lives. These are the challenges of my first couple of clients! HELP!

  12. Cathy Jeffries says

    Wonderful information. I know I can do this and I want to help as many people as I can. One reason why I am in real estate but I want to go further. Have Psy/Soc degree and MBA so I want to make the best of this. The one big problem I have is the economy. It has hit me hard. If there is a way I would like to help others.

  13. Thank you for your emails and the daily encouragement and drive to get me to do this coaching. I am really interested in mastering skills as a coach first and want to really grow as a coach and dive into the ways to coach.

    It is hard to run into something on the internet and then receive emails everyday and wonder if you are falling into some scam as there are sooooooo many of these situations out there now. I am reaching out to you because i want to define the difference between being limited by my own fears and delaying my interest in becoming a coach and not taking action vs finding the most beneficial program for me to aid me in achieving my highest potential.

    I’m not looking for a quick cheap start to success. I’m looking to begin to invest myself into learning the skills i will need to become an amazing coach. I enjoy the process of learning these life changing techniques and want to know if this program really will fully teach about those? Or if it is a rushed approach where you just list them and run on through.


    Is the Certification Training really beneficial for someone who has 0 training in coaching technique? Or is it more designed for people like yourself who had read many books and were already dabbling in coaching and trying it on others or were in a business setting?

    Wouldn’t you need to actually do some work in person with people watching how you coach and trying out different scenario’s to guide you and tell you where your strengths lie and how to fix your weaknesses as a coach.

    Is there a way you can gaurantee that this IN PERSON and one on one time is DEFINITELY something that i will receive?

    Thank you for all your time and dedication and the offers you have made. 🙂

    I am looking forward to the conference call!!

    • In terms of being taken advantage of — I’ve set this course up to be completely refundable, so if you feel taken advantage of, the only thing you lost was a little time checking it out. If you get the course, I don’t think you’ll feel taken advantage of, but if you do, then just return the DVDs within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back.

      These are good questions you’re asking yourself. If you don’t do anything within a reasonable period of time, then probably it’s just fear of starting. However, if you review your options and make a decision… right or wrong, at least you’re moving forward… even if you made a mistake, it’ll be a mistake coming from action, which, in itself, is powerful and will lead you to success. Most successful endeavors start with a lot of action and a lot of mistakes! That’s just part of life and reality.

      People tend to want to use a product for a short cut. It’s great to invest in yourself and purchase support for making your dreams a reality, but if you are going to screw around and do nothing, then you’ll be disappointed (in yourself AND the product). If you are going to work, then whether or not you work with us, you’ll be happy, and eventually succeed (if you don’t quit). I can speed up the learning process, but you’re the ultimate source of your success or failure.

      I can tell you that from day one of my own coaching business, I invested in education and support. The first few years it was hard to afford the support sometimes, but it paid off because I took action on what I learned. These were bold actions on my part, but I figured out how to make it work and people respond when you step boldly in the direction of your dreams.

      We are planning several Certification Trainings this year, so there should be a time and location that works for you.


  14. Angela Fisher says

    How much will it cost, how much can I make, and how quickly? Will the services be of value for the money.

    How quickly can I realistically expect to be self-supporting – with satisfied clients?

    Is this a one time buy or subscription?

    • You can start with as little as a phone (and internet), but having a few hundred dollars per month to put towards your lead generation is good to have (however I didn’t when I started, and it’s definitely not required to still get great results.).

      People that put in the work and are doing a good job can make a few thousand per month (based upon my observations) right from the start. From there, you can continue to grow your coaching business as big as you choose. I know coaches who make six figures, and those who make millions… it’s all a matter of business ability and desire.

      The value you provide will depend on the niche you choose and your ability to help that niche. I’ll cover how to create value for your clients in the Certification Training.

      The plan is to set up both a monthly payment and a pay in full option. I’ll send more details soon.


  15. Mikela Phillips says

    The biggest fear I have about starting my online coaching business is not being able to market and advertise. I have no experience at this and don’t know where to begin.

    How much should you charge a client when you first start your business?

    Thank you for sharing your coaching knowledge and exerience. Its hard to find useful information, and even harder to find it for free.

    • You’ve got to learn the marketing side. I’ll talk about that on the call.

      Start with what’s comfortable. You could charge $50 or $100 per month until you’re comfortable charging more. I have seen many coaches start at $100 / month and now they’re charging $250 – $500 / month. If you’re comfortable with charging more, then by all means, go ahead, but, in my experience, It’s a growth process.

      I’ll cover the investments in the call. Contact me if you have trouble finding all the information you need.


  16. What is you thinking about a paid membership coaching site?

    Does the course cover everything needed to launch a coaching business, i.e., the coach training as well as specific marketing guidance. Also, what is the recognition of the certification for the course?

    • You’ll do some coaching for free at first, and in exchange, your client’s will give testimonials. This is something you’ve got to build over time. as you get more established, you charge more and people see more value in you.

      I’ll talk about this on the call. It’s definitely a great way to go, but only once you’ve established a good position in a niche and done a decent amount of 1 on 1 coaching (in my opinion, people get started with their membership sites too soon, and then nothing happens).

      Yes. I mention the different things covered in the call.

      We are internationally recognized, and your training, coaching hours count towards future certifications as well.


  17. My biggest fear is about business infrastructure. My expertise is not in the business realm of things and I want make sure I make this a very profitable business. I know I can learn how to coach and I know I can learn all the online skills needed but when I put my website up and I metaphorically hang my shingle, I want to be certain that I am fully prepared to 1. be successful in the niche I’ve chosen and 2. I have the infrastructure to build this business up and sustain it properly over the long haul. In other words I am afraid im not prepared business wise.

    • You’re probably not prepared business-wise. I wasn’t either, when I started.

      Some of the things I did to get on the right track:

      1) Read everything I could on sales and marketing (for service businesses, and then for product businesses & small business)
      2) Got a mentor that was already successful (which, we can supply)
      3) Got a mastermind group (which we can supply, but you should also gather your own personal group of 4-8 as well)
      4) Networked like crazy
      5) Found partners that were willing to give me a leg-up

      Realistically, you’re going to, most likely, have to learn as you go. It’s better to get started and learn from experience, rather than err on the side of ‘prepared’. Getting ready to get ready wastes too much time and money. ‘Learn by doing’ is the fastest and most productive path to ‘prepared’.

      Think of it this way: Doing WHATEVER you know to do already NOW will prepare you for whatever is NEXT. If you DON’T do what you know to do NOW, then when whatever is NEXT comes to you… YOU WILL NOT BE PREPARED. Get it? Experiences beget preparedness begets bigger experiences begets greater preparedness, etc. That’s the process… think Colonel Sanders!


  18. Hi Jef,
    I am a volunter pastor and I am studing about natural health more than 30 years…
    I found your videos last week because I am trying to start a health couch program online, but I am suffering too much because i am a dummy in the internet…
    I did not give up yet only because my niche is so good (nutrition and detox), and I know that a lot of people need my mesage, but I lost a lot of money with a curious people (you can see the quality of my website in spanish
    My plan is to work in English, Spanish and Portugues (my first language), but I need a mentor for to start the first steps… Thanks.Juares

  19. 1.Biggest Frustration is setting up my website. Its taking way too long and I do not have the money to pay someone right now and I want to get started.

    2. I don’t have questions right now because I have not tried the things you have previously suggested. Except the how much to charge people. I have problems with that,like in my head if I ask for $100 per session private or group I won’t get clients. Especially since I am relatively new.

    3. How much will it cost?

    • First, it takes about 6 months to get started online and have clients. You’ve got to give it 6 months.

      It doesn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars to get started, so money shouldn’t be an issue.

      Remember that although online coaching takes time, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from getting coaching clients offline. While you’re waiting for the online space to work, spend lots of time offline giving free sessions and signing clients up. Help and coach people wherever you find them. Don’t just rely on the online space to get clients.

      Charge what you’re comfortable with charging. Don’t let money stop you from getting paid clients. What matters when you’re first getting started is how many clients you’re working with, not the money. If you’re not comfortable charging $100 per month, then charge $50 per month. It’s really hard charging $500 per month if everybody rejects your offer. You can always raise your prices later. Don’t put yourself in a position where you get nothing but rejected because you’re asking for money that YOU aren’t even confortable with.

      You are a student of Master Coach University, so this program is included in your tuition.

  20. My biggest fear is following inaccurate advice on what moves to make to build my business, making them and finding myself in too deep with structures and expenses with flagging inspiration for self care, social networking and acquiring new clients. This is my current situation for the most part.

    How do I find the right mentor for my business, that I can afford, and that can help me define and clarify my marketing message/elevator speech and get to the clients in my niche that can afford me?

    • There’s actually no such thing as ‘accurate advice’ because all advice is estimating the future, which is ultimately impossible to do. No ‘advice’ will ever work 100% for you. You’ve got to build the skills to change your approach in the moment to succeed.

      If you are over your head in terms of expenses, you need to cut your expenses. You’re responsible for that and you’ve got to do whatever it takes to ‘stop the bleeding’.

      Assuming that time is an issue (meaning that you don’t have enough time to do all the things you’re trying to get done), then you need to narrow your focus to only a few things that you know you have time to do. It’s impossible to do everything at once.

      Master only a few things and get results (even small results) with those things, and then add the next layer. Step by step.

      Your #1 limitation is ‘flagging inspiration’ — You’ve got to have an inspiring vision to drive you forward. How are you going to coach and inspire others if you can’t even inspire yourself?? It would by tragic to see you coaching everyone around you when you lack inspiration (even for yourself). Your coaching (and your clients) will likely fail miserably if you have no inspiration. You’ve got to care enough about your clients enough to create the inspiration within yourself to support your clients.

      Create a vision for the future that you know will inspire you and focus on it every day, rather than just the problems that are in front of you. Get an inspiring peer group around you.

      Here are some criteria for finding a mentor:

      1) Find a mentor that can connect live with you and in a 1 on 1 format
      2) Find a mentor that has multi-media materials, so you can go over the material as many times as you need.
      3) Find a mentor that can get you into a community of already successful coaches, so you can learn quickly about what’s working now.
      4) Find a mentor that gives you opportunities for work (especially coaching work).
      5) Find a mentor that’s really a coach… someone that’s actively and successfully coaching (or runs a successful coaching organization).


  21. This is awesome, Jeff!

    Just as I finish my online coaching program, I get this invitation to your call “How to Start an Online Coaching Business” – will be there for sure – THANK YOU!!

  22. Hi Jeff-

    Can you tell me if this idea is sound…

    I don’t have my online platform up yet but I want to create a tele-seminar to attract more clients for 1 on 1 and group coaching. So my plan is to create a basic landing/squeeze page (with a video on it explaining the tele-seminar) that people will be funneled to through a link in the email I send out (I have a list of about 500). They put in their info and become registered for my event (I’ll prob give a freebie with it as well). So I attract people to attend this tele-seminar where I give them some coaching on the subject at hand and then I promote my 1 on 1 coaching and group coaching services to them. Even though I am not fully up online, does this seem like a good idea to infuse my practice with more clients right now (as a short term fix)?

  23. I more question (I know your a busy guy) – How can I get a sense of how a group coaching call is run? I want to create one but I don’t quite understand the format.



    • The Certification Training will have an entire video covering how to build and market group coaching programs.


  24. I appears to me that to do an all out online campaign would require a tremedous amount of pre-written strategically written autoresponder content, article content even content for website. etc. Writing such content is not my strength (even with a wbmaster I would need the conten wouldn’t I) and hiring someone to do that would require more money than I could budget right now. (my budget is $2000 and I’m pre-supposing that your program and coaching will take about half of that) I have been a substance abuse counselor for over 10 years so I’M confident in my coaching skills but organizing and writing all the material needed for the above content has me concerned

  25. Zobeeda Madsen says

    All I can say Jeff I looked at alot of coaching courses, and I can honestly say hands down I feel so blessed and fortunate to have made the right choice in you. You asked that we have blind faith, well I just have faith in you based on what I have actually seen and experienced of you and that is sincerity, care, quality and value for money, I know of Coaching Academies and schools that have really big names and charge 6 to 8 times what you do for their courses and with all due respect are not as good,thanks Jeff for making your courses high quality and affordable to someone like me who is a single mum with limited finances but who has all the determination, skill and abilities to be a top class coach. Because of the quality and price you offer I am now living and working towards my dreams and it has not cost me thousands nor do I have to wait months upon months upon months to start coaching. Thanks

  26. Hello Jeffrey.

    Unfortunatelly I will have to miss your program tomorrow due to a previous commitment, is there any way that you can send me a lick so I can enjoy at a later time? I have a question for you.
    I am spanish. My main problem is to promote among spanish people. The are 40 millions of spanish people living in USA and 400 millios around the world (All Latin america and Spain). Spanish people are not familiar with Life Coching Programs. How I can aproach this situation.It is a little bit easier to do Business Coaching than Life Coaching with them.

    Thank you for your help.

    Marco Carvajal

    • There will be a recording if you miss it.

      That can be a good thing. They won’t have any negative judgements about it. True, you’ll need to provide some education for them, but you can also charge for that.

      The most important thing to do is research and define a niche. NO ONE BUYS LIFE COACHING. Everyone would love to purchase something that will help them to get what they want and avoid what they don’t want.

      If you know the niche you’re going to work with, then you don’t need to present yourself as a ‘life coach’. You can show that you’re there specifically to help them solve their specific (niche) problems, and reach their specific (niche) goals.


  27. Zobeeda Madsen says

    Hi Jeff, what if you feel you have one or more niche, that you are really really good at, but the niches are completely different would you advise to create separate websites etc, one of my niches when I ran a check through google adwords came up with over 6.12 million global monthly searches, its a relatively neglected area but an area I have alot of knowledge about. By the way before I watched this I was an internet dummy but do not feel I am now.

    • YES

      Create a separate website for each niche (unless the niches are shared by the exact same community, or are almost the same niche).

      That’s a lot of searches. Chances are, if you dominated that niche, you’d get customers from it.


  28. Dr. Sy Kasambira, Jr. says

    Hi Jeff:

    Boy, I really enjoyed the video. I am so glad to be an internet dummy who is on his way to become a celebrated Certified Coach. I look forward to joining the program as soon as I understand all the requirements. For example, I don’t know how many programs there are, and the cost of each program. Looking forward to joining you in the near future.

    Thanks for now,

    Dr. Sy

  29. Terry Lingofelt says

    How do I receivce coaching materials and get customers?

  30. I have known and worked with Jeff Sooey for over 12 years and have to say that his training and methods work and you will get rapid results using them. If you want to be a successful coach, get his course and dive into it. Your life will never be the same again.
    Curtis Phelan
    Master Certified Results Coach

  31. Jill Bollman says

    I want to be a GRIEF coach. Do your coaching techniques apply to this focus? Thank you for a response.

    • YES. All the advanced disciplines in the Certification Training and many of the basics you’ll learn in the Quickstart (bonus) apply to grief coaching. The techniques you’ll learn (when applied properly) can help you turn your client’s grief around in just a few sessions.


  32. I’m worried I won’t make money after spending even more money. I’ll put lots of time, money, and effort into trying to set up a business only to find out that it takes more money, time, and effort to get any results. Another big frustration: People are always saying that we NEED Facebook to grow our businesses. I don’t want to spam my friends, and I’m frustrated as to how to build a business these days without it. It just seems that everyone feels they can’t live or do business without Facebook.

    How soon can I realistically expect to be self-supporting with your course? (I have been coaching for many years and everyone says that I’m great at it, and people call on me quite a bit for coaching. I just don’t seem to know how to find the actual “paying” clients. I know I have the skills and also am certified as well.)

    What is the price?

    • nancy :

      I’m worried I won’t make money after spending even more money. I’ll put lots of time, money, and effort into trying to set up a business only to find out that it takes more money, time, and effort to get any results.

      I agree. That’s actually a good fear becuase it’ll drive you to take action once you’ve spent some money (i would hope). I had the same fear when I first got started, and it motivated me to go out and get clients to pay for my investments.

      If you’re the type to spend and then do nothing, then rather than spending a bunch, go out and take action first. Prove to yourself that you’re going to use this stuff! Then come back and reward yourself with whatever you were going to invest in.

      Don’t buy something if you know you’re not going to do anything with it. But if you know that fear is going to push you to take action, then this course and I can get you where you need to go using that exact motivation.

      RE: taking money, time and effort to get results… This is true of anything in life that matters. (think… having a child, getting married, etc.).

      It takes more than we’re willing to give.

      I don’t think you’re alone in feeling that frustration.

      The trick isn’t to find something that doesn’t take much effort. Those things are not things that matter to you (or you already have them).

      The things that you DON’T yet have, and happen to really matter to you… Those are the things that take more and more effort as you build them up.

      There’s always another level that you’ve got to push yourself to if you’re willing to grow that thing that matters to you so much. the trick is to become willing to give more.

      Jim Rohn said “Don’t wish it were easier… Wish you were better.”

      The real question, then, becomes: What’s important enough to you? What matters to much to you that you’d be willing to pay the price? What lights you up enough so that you’re willing to give more day after day?

      If this is important to you, then it should be a JOY to pay the next price so that you know that it’s taking you in the direction that you really want to go.

      nancy :

      Another big frustration: People are always saying that we NEED Facebook to grow our businesses. I don’t want to spam my friends, and I’m frustrated as to how to build a business these days without it. It just seems that everyone feels they can’t live or do business without Facebook.

      If you have an online business, you don’t have to use facebook. It can add to your business, but you don’t have to use it. People that say you need facebook to market on the internet don’t know what they’re talking about. There are plenty more avenues online available to you for getting more business online beyond sitting on facebook all day and spamming your facebook friends.

      If you use the speaking business model (that you’ll learn in the Certification Training)… you don’t need facebook either.

      nancy :

      How soon can I realistically expect to be self-supporting with your course?

      This really depends on lots of things… you’re work that you put in, your niche. The competition, your sphere of influence, your coaching abilities, etc.

      Coaching as a business doesn’t take long to begin to create income (even online, 6 months is plenty of time), but if you need time to build the skills, you should take that into consideration as well. Most coaches that are serious are able to build a full practice within 2 years or less.

      nancy :
      (I have been coaching for many years and everyone says that I’m great at it, and people call on me quite a bit for coaching. I just don’t seem to know how to find the actual “paying” clients. I know I have the skills and also am certified as well.)

      Paying clients are many times the same as the non-paying clients. They could be the same people… They just pay. Many coaches are actually working with the right people, but they need to change their business (or the way they do business) in order to get those same types of clients to pay them.

      There are niches that are more likely to pay more, of course (as discussed in the call last week).


  33. Jeff:

    I do want to thank you for all of your informative videos! I really appreciate all of your advice, and I look forward to listening to you on Thursday!

  34. Very interested. Looking forward to the call

  35. I am a certified fibromyalgia coach who wants to do health coaching and life balance coaching. I am frustrated by poverty and lack of marketing skills. I dont’ know how to find paying clients I want to work with. What are the best steps to set up, start and sustain a profitable coaching business?

    • Those are worthy frustrations!

      The niche you mentioned above sounds like a very specific niche. online could be a great source of paying clients for you with the right marketing.

      I’ll cover more details on the call.


  36. Hi Jeff,

    I would like to ask you if you’re going to record the call because I live in Portugal and the call it’s too late!

    I would like to listen the call but I think I can’t.

    Are you going to record it?

    Thank you,

  37. Thanks for the information. It is very helpful and I plan to refer to it as I develop my coaching business.


  38. Hello Jeff,

    Your video has been a great source of information and support actually. I have been giving free sessions and now I’m ready to take it to the next level. I look forward to working with you and gaining more knowledge. I will be on the call on Thursday. I look forward to it and I’m excited as well.

    Thank you,


  39. I would like to tune in to your conference call, but due to the fact that I am in South Africa it is just not possible. Are there any recording of this available and/or a Skype Conference option. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks and Regards.

  40. Christine says


    I would really love to join in but I live in Sweden and the scheduled time just doesn’t fit in – is there any way that I could get a copy of this sent to me?
    Appreciate the feedback. Thanks and Regards.

  41. Christine says


    I would really like to receive a copy of the recorded call since the timing (living in Sweden) isn’t so good.
    Thanks in advance

  42. Benjamin Offoha says

    How much do I need to run this coaching business?

    I have attended a 9-month coaching certificate program in Maryland but I am still not able to set up a viable coaching business. How will your program help me to have the confidence needed in this business?

    Do I need to be certified in order to run the coaching business?

    • Benjamin Offoha :
      How much do I need to run this coaching business?

      If you have a phone and an internet connection, you can at least get started… I personally started with about 7k in savings and bootstrapped up to 250k / year w/ 2 months vacation.

      Benjamin Offoha :
      I have attended a 9-month coaching certificate program in Maryland but I am still not able to set up a viable coaching business. How will your program help me to have the confidence needed in this business?

      It is good to have some savings to live on while you’re getting started, but there’s really not much you need to pay for unless you are going to have some kind of major marketing budget.

      Confidence will come with a few things:

      1. Doing it (one of the reasons why our programs emphasize PRACTICE)
      2. Certification
      3. Being Confident (We’ll teach you the techniques that allow you to do this ‘on command’ in our program.)

      Benjamin Offoha :
      Do I need to be certified in order to run the coaching business?

      No, in fact, if you’re good with the business, you’ll end up with lots of certified coaches begging to work for you. Training and business results are more important than certification.


  43. Thank you very much for inviting me to a conference call on thursday.

  44. How will i log on to conference call since i leave in South Africa,i watched the videos they are interesting.

    Thanks again for inviting me.

  45. My biggest fear about setting up and running my online coaching business is the ability to convert potential leads in to paying customers. I feel that my sales and marketing strategy need development as well as my copy writing.

    The most important thing for me to know about setting up my online business is how to attract paying customers regularly.


  46. Hey Jeff, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the GREAT CONTENT in this video! I am in the process of changing my coaching niche to helping adults who grew up in alcoholic (and other addictions) families to have a more effective life. Just as soon as I get my new website built I am going to impliment several of your video content ideas RIGHT AWAY! I downloaded the video and I am going to watch it again soon. I would like to know how you make a video like that with the words on the screen. I am looking forward to the call on This Thursday Night!

  47. Jeff,
    I have been in business for over a year and I am still struggling and have no clients I don’t know what is that I am not doing or not seeing. I love what I do and I know that being a coach is my purpose. But how do I get clients???
    In Light

  48. Shaun :

    My biggest fear about setting up and running my online coaching business is the ability to convert potential leads in to paying customers. I feel that my sales and marketing strategy need development as well as my copy writing.

    Conversion is a simple matter of two GOALS:

    >>The Value Goal

    The “value goal” is your goal to create enough value for your customer. If there’s no value for them, they wouldn’t even let you coach them for FREE. Value is just a matter of figuring out what your customer wants and then going and getting exactly that for them.

    >>The Price Goal

    The “price goal” is a matter of figuring out what most of your best clients will pay for the value you established in in the value goal. Just because you created $10,000 worth of value doesn’t mean they’ll PAY YOU $10,000. The simple strategy for this is just to start with your pricing low enough so it’s comfortable for you to ask them for it. This gets more complicated as you grow, of course.

    Shaun :

    The most important thing for me to know about setting up my online business is how to attract paying customers regularly.


    Attracting customers is a matter of:

    1. Communicating the “value” to as many of people as possible (in a compelling way).

    2. Creating a relationship (connecting with them).

    Niche-ing will help you a lot with all of this, but you may not start out that way…

    This process is not complex and it’s not impossible, but it does take some time. If you’re simply committed to the time demanded to make it work, you’ll come out on top!


  49. JOJO JOBIN :

    I have been in business for over a year and I am still struggling and have no clients I don’t know what is that I am not doing or not seeing. I love what I do and I know that being a coach is my purpose. But how do I get clients???
    In Light

    Two things that will cause you to fall short:

    ONE: You’re not doing enough.

    Simple as that.

    Further more, (in more detail), you’re likely not doing enough:

    >>free sessions
    >>lead generation
    >>content / programs
    >>seminars / workshops / speeches

    THE POINT? You could be the best coach in the world, but if you don’t get do anything to USE that great coaching A LOT, then you’re dead meat.

    TWO: You’re likely not doing ‘well enough’.

    Meaning that the value you give during that long list I gave you above is LACKING. A few possible examples:

    >>When you call people, they don’t feel connected with you or understood.
    >>When you run a free session, it’s not very valuable for the prospect.
    >>When you give a program, it’s doesn’t help many of the participants.

    Get the idea?

    THE POINT? You could work 18 hours per day marketing, selling, and promoting your coaching, but if people think your coaching sucks, all that promotion is only going to hurt you. If people don’t get enough value, no amount of work will win them over.

    You’ve got to give TREMENDOUS QUANTITY.


    You’ve got to give TREMENDOUS QUALITY.


    One or the other won’t carry the day.


    P.S. From seeing your website, everything on it is about YOU and WHAT YOU’RE INTERESTED IN… not what your CUSTOMER is interested in.

    Your customer doesn’t care about these sections:

    >>make a payment

    Also, your headline for the site is:


    This headline is very GENERIC and VAGUE. It basically doesn’t mean anything.

    It’s like a supplement at the drug store who’s label says: “MEDICINE — CURES EVERYTHING”…

    ‘yeah, right’

    Zero Focus = Zero Credibility

    It’s like a lawyer selling their services by saying “I do quality service, and things, and stuff… with people like YOU.”

    I’m NOT very clear what this lawyer actually can do for me!

    Zero Clarity = ZERO INTEREST

  50. stephanie soukup says

    sorry much to complicated for me. when you come up ith an easier way to do this let me know

  51. I enjoyed the video very much, thank you. My only concern at this time is the creation of the different products/freebies/programs. I get stuck coming up with ideas of what people want.

    • Jeffrey3 says


      It’s an important shift in mindset to actually be CONCERNED about what products to create for your clients, because the ‘coach mindset’ is mainly “I just want to coach.” The fact that you’re already thinking “What does my client want?” is a step in the right direction compared to most coaches.

      Start your exploration of what to provide your client by ASKING THEM. Set up calls and ask them…

      This can be done inside of free sessions as well, which is another reason why they can be so important. Part of that process is finding out what your clients need and want.

      Once you build your business and have too many clients to run free sessions on all of them, you can use surveys to get that same ideas on a broader base of answers.

      Once you know what your clients want, you just need to go ‘get it for them’… Create the product. Set up the coaching program, etc.

      At the start of any coaching practice, your first ‘freebee’ is probably going to be a free session. It’s not the ‘end all, be all’, but it’s a start. You’ll also learn a ton about coaching your clients along the way.

      Think about what your client’s problems are.

      What are their fears / frustrations?
      What are their goals / desires?

      Anything that will help them with those elements are likely to be good freebees.

      You don’t have to be creative in order to come up with the best products to offer… it’s just good marketing sense!


  52. Hello Jef, thank you very much for the massive amount of information about the Credentialing process. I’m actually working as a Credentialing Specialist managing a team from India. I’m not a certified though.
    Interested to be part of face to face trainings and certifications. Can someone guide me on this.

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